22 Maret 2020

4 Simple Steps to Prepare Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon is an aromatic spice, which is considered to be highly useful for human health. This sweet-tasted spice is available in the form of hard sticks, as it is derived from the inner barks of some medicinal trees. Cinnamon is known to be effective in lowering the blood sugar, cholesterol and excess body weight; while it is also used as a successful home remedy for the improvement of cardiac health and the immune system of the body, as well as preventing Alzheimer’s disease or other similar kinds of brain damages.

The cinnamon tea is consumed by many health-conscious people as a healthy beverage, that is also favored due to its rich flavor. Hence, a few simple steps of making a cup of hot cinnamon tea are discussed here.

Ingredients: The main ingredients of making cinnamon tea are cinnamon sticks or powder, tea bag, sugar or sweetener, milk (optional), lemon juice (optional), black pepper powder (optional) and water.

The 4 steps of making cinnamon tea:

Boil cinnamon in water – First of all, a concoction is prepared by boiling a fresh cinnamon stick in water for 10 – 15 minutes and the resultant liquid is then filtered through a sieve. If a powdered form of cinnamon is used, then this powder needs to be added to the boiling water and mixed thoroughly, and kept aside for a few minutes, to let the cinnamon powder dissolve well in the hot water.

Mix this concoction with more hot water – Some water is boiled separately for making tea, in a pan or an electric kettle. Then this hot water is mixed with the previously prepared cinnamon concoction in the proportion of 3:1, directly in a teacup and mixed well with a spoon.

Dip the tea bag in this mixture – A tea bag is put in the cup and let soak in this mixture of cinnamon concoction and hot water, for minimum 2- 3 minutes, till the liquid becomes dark brown.

Add sugar or any other optional taste – Now 1-2 spoonfuls of sugar can be added to this cinnamon tea, according to the taste of the drinker. If any diabetic or overweight person will be drinking it, a similar quantity of artificial sweetener should be added, instead of sugar. If anyone wishes it to be tastier, he can add little quantity of warm milk to this sweetened cinnamon tea. But instead of milk, the obese people may opt for some lemon juices, to avoid the extra calories of milk, while making this tea more flavored. The addition of a pinch of powdered black pepper may make this tea even spicier, for those who prefer a hot flavor of the tea.

Overall, the cinnamon tea is a simple form of herbal tea, which is both healthy and tasty. Therefore, it is highly popular among all, young and old people, rendering them better health.