22 Juni 2020

10 Benefits of Caffeine Free Tea

Next time you think of buying a healthy beverage free of caffeine, opt for the variety of caffeine free teas. With a rainbow of options available, caffeine free teas are 100 percent free of caffeine, and offer health benefits that refresh you to the core. The benefits of caffeine free tea are herein as follows:

1) It is free of harsh processing mechanisms that take the natural ingredients off your cup. They are significantly rich in antioxidant properties that help you look young and calm.

2) Caffeine free tea flavours are consumed without sugar. This reduces the overall consumption of sugar, and therefore the risk of diabetes and obesity also reduces significantly. You may add honey to bring a new dimension to the brew.

3) Consuming these natural teas on a regular basis reduces anxiety and lowers stress, which is a norm in current lifestyle. People who take medications for depression, can try out this beverage since, it’s known to reduce the effects of stress and anxiety.

4) It keeps your heart fit and in working condition. A recent study suggests that one can reduce risks of cardiovascular diseases like stroke by cutting on caffeine intake. Hence, people with heart issues should shift to drinking caffeine free tea as it helps maintain the heart in good state. If you are used to taking caffeinated drinks on a regular basis, this is probably the best time to stop doing so.

5) It is important to be aware of the fact that overdose of caffeine may even lead to cardiac arrest and high blood pressure. Caffeine has the properties that may aggravate your allergies as well. So, whenever you plan to drink a beverage, prefer the healthy option of caffeine free teas like the herbal infusions. It is essential to remember that overdose of caffeine is a rare phenomena but it is better to prevent than cure.

6) If you suffer from frequent headaches then you should seriously consider shifting to teas that are natural and 100% herbal. Caffeine can lead to headaches and migraines.

7) For a good night’s sleep, sip into a breezy herbal tea. You will feel the difference as you wake up fresh the next morning. Too much intake of caffeine may cause insomnia.

8) One of the top benefits of drinking caffeine free tea is that it keeps your blood pressure in check. Unlike other drinks, that give you a temporary kick, herbal tea flavours keep your stress under check, resulting in lower probability of hypertension driven problems.

9) Consumption of this tea results in good digestion. Make this beverage a part of your daily routine to witness the goodness offered by its ingredients in keeping your stomach healthy.

10) All in all, the ill effects of caffeine cannot be ignored in various beverages available in the market place. Caffeine free tea keeps you away from indigestion, upset stomach, insomnia, headaches and more.

Besides the range of healthy benefits of caffeine-less teas, it also may be noted that it comes in an array of flavors that are immensely interesting and delicious. Initially, it may take some time to come to terms with the new taste but slowly and steadily, the taste is bound to grow on you and leave you asking for more. Always purchase herbal tea and organic tea online from a reputed brand.