Ellgy naturals Moisturizing Hand Cream

Natural effective moisturization and silky smooth skin for life.
This product contains unique anti-trans epidermal water loss factor and DPHP which effectively rehydrates your skin and protects the skin elastic fibre thus, preventing premature ageing.

Effects: specially adding moisturizing elements, it can soften the skin, activate cells, prevent the skin from being defatted or chapped, effectively improve skin quality and make the hands tender and flexible.
Deionized water, carbomer, EDTA, glycerol, hyaluronic stearyl alcohol stearic acid, caprylic acid, petrolatum, vitamin E, PDMSA, polyacrylamide, methylisothiazolinone.

Netto: 60gram

Add: east side of yutan road, south side of longtian chengjiang road, guangyi street, chenghai district, Shantou city.

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Harga : Rp.30.000,-
Berat Produk + Kemasan : 125 gram
Kode : 4977

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